If there is one thing people need more of, it’s time, especially when they work in an office. Even with meticulous planning, there’s never enough time to get everything done.


While increasing productivity does require some planning, it doesn’t need to be complex. There are a lot of ways to increase productivity in the office without skipping a beat.


Read on to learn a few office hacks to help crush it at work.


Do Not Multitask


Most office workers rely upon multitasking to get things done. While multitasking is a very useful skill, it also dramatically decreases productivity. It’s important to focus on one task at a time, especially when working in an office. Find the best way to segment large projects and work on it for a specific amount of time each day. With proper scheduling, office workers accomplish work more efficiently when they have more structure.


Use Transportation to Your Advantage


A lot of people who work in an office use the time they spend commuting to scroll through social media puzzle or play games. Instead of goofing off, take the time to respond to important emails and come up with a list of daily tasks. Allotting only 15 minutes a day to planning the rest of the workweek can do wonders for overall productivity.


Do Not Attend Every Meeting


Unless it’s mandated, there’s no need to attend every office meeting. Unless someone is a key speaker, there’s no need to stop working only to go and sit in a meeting. When able, tt’s also better is schedule video calls to tie up loose ends.


Keep Tabs on How Much Time Was Spent During Tasks


Although it’s important to devote time to the tasks at hand, some employees take this a bit too far. This means that they spend longer amounts of time on one task that was meant for others.


In turn, this becomes counterproductive and wastes time. Divide the work among employees in such a way that everyone has an equal amount of responsibility.


Working in an office is more than just sitting at a computer and staring out the window. It requires patience, dedication and most importantly, finding ways to produce as possible.