There is a huge difference in planning for personal success and preparing for personal success. Many of us spend the first part of a new year evaluating every aspect of our lives and looking for ways to improve them. Whether you are looking for ways to improve on some relationships in your life, giving up bad habits, or picking up some good habits for your own health, you need to prepare yourself to succeed. Your career in real estate is certainly no different. Here are some tips on preparing yourself for professional success as you step into 2020.

Get on the Technology Wave

Every facet of life has been greatly impacted by technological advancements, but perhaps none as much as real estate. Not only do clients now have access to virtual tours of homes (which can save you tons of time and miles on the front end), but many of the forms that Realtors are all too familiar with have now been digitized. Not only do encryption options maximize security on these documents, the convenience factor of having everything available on your tablet will keep you from scrambling for paperwork that is somewhere in your car that doubles as your office.

Be Tax Ready

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of independent contractors everywhere quite like tax time. Scrambling around to try to calculate your expenses and your income to fill out your yearly taxes is stress inducing at best. That’s why it pays to keep all of your information together as you go. Ideally, you will have a tax specialist that you work with often who can advise you of potential deductions based on your business related expenses. Instead of spending the entire month of February or March trying to produce all of your information, log everything weekly so you can be ready when Uncle Sam comes calling.

Don’t Stop Learning

Hopefully 2019 was a wildly successful year for you. With low interest rates and an improving market you may have done even better than you had anticipated. Don’t get satisfied with 2019’s success and fail to continue to expand your mind in 2020. Keep educating yourself, attend seminars, and read the teachings of people more successful than you.

2020 can be even better for you than 2019 was. That’s even more likely if you have yourself prepared to succeed.