Victor Alston

Real Estate Development

California-Based Real Estate Development

Victor Alston is the CEO and President at and Big Sur Construction, where he works in real estate development in California where he also resides.

For more than a decade, Victor has been gaining experience and skills within the real estate development industry. He purchased his first properties – a few small buildings – about 15 years ago and, as he found success developing those properties, he began purchasing larger and more substantial buildings to refurbish and develop. Soon, Victor’s work buying and renovating buildings grew to include constructing buildings from the ground up, and thus Big Sur Construction was formed. 

When it comes to his work in the industry, Victor Alston distinguishes himself through the business’s hyper-focus on building super-luxury neighborhood developments, communities where residential and commercial spaces are blended together for the benefit of both the residents and the businesses. 

What Victor and the team do is identify charming communities and neighborhoods where there is a high potential for these luxury neighborhoods to succeed. Then, they’ll start to turn the area around. They’ll begin the project by focusing on housing; before you can focus on commercial development, you need to have the right housing in place. The team will renovate older apartment buildings and construct brand new ones to start bringing the right folks back into the neighborhoods. Then, as the residential area becomes shored up, the team will begin expanding the luxury neighborhood development. Victor Alston and the rest of his team will add attractive amenities to the community like swimming pools, spas, parks, and more for the residents while also bringing in commercial and retail spaces and ventures to draw in even more people, both residents, and consumers. 

Alongside his work in real estate, Victor Alston is also a skilled venture capitalist whose work in business has already left a lasting mark. Victor joined the team at Ixia as their Chief Executive Officer in May 2012, where he steered the direction of the company forward into innovative, cutting-edge, and growing industries like data center visibility and cybersecurity. 

Victor Alston received his education at Stanford University where he earned both his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and his Master of Science in Computer Science. 

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